Pixels *6-7 years**
Pixels *6-7 years**
Pixels *6-7 years**
Pixels *6-7 years**
Pixels *6-7 years**
Pixels *6-7 years**
Pixels *6-7 years**
Pixels *6-7 years**

Pixels 6-7 years

€218 (Prezzo consigliato)

COD: 100205070

Color Glossy white
Wheels 20"
Speed 1x1

La Pixels 6-7 years

If you are a spirited little girl who loves going fast on a bike, the PIXEL will soon become your inseparable bike. Also available with a 6-speed gearbox, the 20” version is perfect for 6-7 year olds.


A beautiful brushstroke of color and joy. How can you fail to notice the PIXEL as it passes on the bike lanes with those nice checkered graphics on the frame and mudguards and all those pink details scattered here and there (even on the basket) that make it a fairy tale.

Complete with everything.

With the PIXEL you can also ride your bike dressed all in white: the mudguards take care of protecting you. And you can ride your bike as much as you like without worrying about getting thirsty because the bottle cage is in front of you.

Scheda tecnica

Model Name Pixels *6-7 years**
Product Code 100205070
Colors Glossy White, Glossy Cyclamen, Glossy Tiffany
Weight 12kg
Frame Hi-ten
Fork Hi-ten
Size YOU
Brakes Aluminum V-brakes
Brake Levers Aluminum
Rims Aluminum
Wheel Dimensions 20"
Tire 20x1.75
Cassette Single 1v
Crankset Hi-ten single
Handlebar Bend Hi-ten
Handlebar Stem Hi-ten
Seatpost Hi-ten
Crank Hi-ten
Included Water bottle, basket, kickstand, luggage rack

*According to the components availability, specifications are subject to change without notice.