Who we are

Everyone on bikes, always on bikes.

Cycling is good for us, for our body and our spirit, and it does a great deal of good, now more than ever, for the environment. It undoubtedly makes our cities more livable and this is why we want everyone to be able to get around by bicycle, always: for work or pleasure, for convenience or practicality, 365 days a year, and in every stage or circumstance of their life .

The bike, your forever companion.

A demanding challenge, ours, for sure! But it is this motivation that pervades our entire vast and varied range of bicycles. We make bicycles within everyone's reach and for everyone: children, teenagers, families, including grandparents (obviously), athletes, fitness lovers and anyone who chooses to use two-wheeled pedals as a functional means of transport in everyday life. We really try to embrace all age groups and every important moment of the growth and journey of each of us.

Bike, infinite joy.

What distinguishes us from other bicycle brands? As a distinctive trait we have joy, yes, joy. We believe that it is really nice to ride a bicycle and we are firmly convinced that it is really good for us: pedaling gives us a unique sense of freedom and carefreeness, which no other means of transport is able to awaken.

It was love right away. Our story was born from love at first sight.

It was 2018 when we started working on the first frame of what is now a complete range of over 60 bicycles. It wasn't just any frame: its beauty immediately struck us in the heart and from there arose the desire to produce bikes independently, doing things on a big scale. We, the Mandelli group, have always been in the pedal two-wheel sector, since the post-war period, when grandfather Riccardo had improvised a small bike sale in his petrol pump and, then, gradually over the years, it had pioneered the wholesale distribution of bicycles. [Discover the entire history of the Mandelli group] . In over 70 years of history, countless bikes have passed before our eyes, but never before seeing that frame had we thought of starting our own production. This is how BRERA CICLI was born.

Why the name BRERA?

Brera derives from braida, a word of Lombard origin which means meadow, suburban grassy field. Originally, this was in fact a green and uncultivated area of ​​medieval Milan, which over the centuries has transformed so much so that it has gone from a peripheral and popular area inhabited by artisans to the bohemian heart of the Milan of artists where style, design and craftsmanship thrive. So, what better name for our brand with a "green" soul and creative spirit! [Find out more about the Brera district]


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