Bike under the tree. Here's how to choose the bike for your child.

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by Dora Marraffa

The big eyes light up with joy and the magic of Christmas is triggered. You never forget your first bicycle. And, if it arrives as a gift on the morning of December 25th under the Tree, you absolutely cannot risk making a mistake. Parents are well aware that, when they have to buy a bike for their children, they get really anxious. Our expert Alessandro Galimberti , Bicycle Project Manager of the Mandelli Group , will take care of calming them down and dispelling all their doubts about how to choose the perfect bike for their little ones.

It's all about height.

“It grows so fast and in a while it won't suit him anymore” . This – Alessandro explains to us – is the sentence that recurs most frequently on the lips of parents when dealing with the purchase of a bike for their offspring. This is where the error comes from.
The first criterion in the choice should instead be the height . The bike must be "right" for the child, so that he immediately feels secure and safe. Otherwise, it won't take more climbing. And so the magic of the Christmas present will also vanish.
So, if you want to make a surprise and somehow you can't try the bike before, better stick to the height rule.

How to choose the size.

In general, the size depends on the age and height of the child. To go without fail, below is a table with the general indications to follow.

It should also always be kept in mind that the child must touch the ground with his feet well, but above all he must not have his arms too stretched and tense. If the bike is too big, no matter how much you lower the saddle, it will end up pedaling swaying from side to side.

With wheels? Or without wheels?

And if the child doesn't feel ready because he doesn't have the strength to push on the pedals, it's better - advises Alessandro - never to force the times. In these cases, the perfect gift is the balance bike, otherwise known as a pedagogical bike, i.e. without pedals. It is very preparatory, so much so that it will help him remove the training wheels even earlier than expected. The important thing is not to remove them before the little cyclist feels ready. Always ensure your safety on two wheels.

Brera Cycles_Girl's bike

Because I like it!

Up to the age of 10 there are no structural differences between the boy's and girl's bike models. Apart from the color and aesthetics, of course. And here the choice is entirely subjective. The bike - Alessandro recommends - must first of all please the boy or girl. So mom and dad have to remember to indulge the tastes and desires of their budding cyclists.

Brera Cycles Bike Christmas Gift

In summary, those who want to give a kid's bike, according to our expert, just have to follow these 4 tips . And the gift is done. Without anxiety.

Buying guide for children's bikes.

  1. Choose the right size and avoid adapting the bike to the child.
  2. Rely on an expert dealer.
  3. Satisfy the tastes of the child.
  4. An eye, yes, to the wallet but with common sense to ensure the quality of the components. It depends on the safety of the little cyclist.

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