BRERA CICLI launches the free THEFT PROTECTION included.

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For those who love cycling, the greatest fear is not falling, but having their bicycle stolen. This fear is based on a very concrete danger: there are 350/360 thousand bicycle thefts a year, according to ANCMA estimates based on FIAB data. That's why BRERA CICLI decided to launch an absolutely unique promo for the sector: until 30 September 2023 , anyone who buys a new BRERA bike, together with a TRELOCK padlock, can take advantage of 12 months of FREE THEFT PROTECTION included .

“We know – explains Marco Biollo , managing director of the Mandelli Group – how frequent bicycle thefts are, even if it is difficult to have reliable data, considering that bikes, unlike cars and motorcycles, are not registered and, moreover, there is the phenomenon of undeclared work: in fact, not everyone reports the theft of their bicycle. What is certain is that, when we buy a new bike, even the thought of leaving it unattended for a few minutes makes us anxious. Therefore, we at BRERA are very happy and proud to offer this exclusive opportunity to our customers”.

THEFT PROTECTION is free and is reserved for a selection of bicycles included in the BRERA CICLI 2023 catalog that are purchased new , together with a TRELOCK padlock with a minimum security level indicator of 3. The purchase is valid only at Italian retailers authorized BRERA CICLI (not online). To take advantage of the promo, just fill in the ACTIVATE THEFT PROTECTION form. And voilà, for one year from the date of purchase indicated on the receipt, the bike is protected. In the event of theft, the customer who has correctly registered on the site will receive a bike of the same model (or of a similar model, in case of out of stock), upon payment of a deductible. The entire promotion rules, with all the details regarding deductibles and locks, are available here .

With 80,000 bikes sold in the last year, more than 600 retailers throughout Italy and a complete range of over 60 models, BRERA CICLI aims through this unprecedented initiative to protect those who love cycling and to become a point of reference for consumers. In the name of a great challenge: to ensure that everyone can discover the joy of always using the bicycle, for work or pleasure, for comfort or practicality, 365 days a year. And this is why the BRERAs are bicycles for everyone and for all budgets.

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